Innovating with Games: What Advertisers Can Learn from Game Design

“Games are where we truly allow ourselves the freedom to think differently,” Nathan Phillips said today at the ‘Could the Future of Advertising be Inspired by Game Design?’ Advertising Week seminar, where he and four of the foremost experts on gaming and advertising discussed the relationship between the two subjects and how game design will influence the future of marketing.


A Marketer’s Guide to eSports Competitions (Part 1)

Competition is a prominent element in both the worlds of marketing and esports. For an esports player as well as for a brand, the ability to find and pursue opportunities is what determines success.


A Marketer’s Guide to Esports Genres (Part 2)

Continuing from our previous article about the multitude of genres that esports has to offer, we present a few more. If you thought that esports had only four genres to offer, you were wrong.